Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentine special - Drink - Sunset vodka

This is our first Valentines day so I decided to surprise my husband with a beautiful candle light dinner on valentines day. I wanted to go Italian but with NO CHEESE at all. I love Italian food so does my husband but he hates cheese. When we go to restaurants he removes the cheese and eats his food. So I wanted to give him light Italian food without any cheese at all and at the same time which are easy to cook. So I resorted to Sunset vodka for the drink, Sunrise yellow tomato bruschetta, Crispy eggplant fritters with roasted red bell pepper sauce and Paste 2 ways (Cilantro pesto and tomato n basil sauce). I know it seems so much but trust me these are so light that they will serve only two.
I have a lot of work to do and was praying he should not come home early, cos I will be caught doing all the arrangements. But everything went as planed and when he opened the door the whole living room was lit with candles and a wonderful table set. He was truly surprised and we had a wonderful dinner. He enjoyed the food a lot and at the end there was absolutely no food left. I decided to serve my recipes with you all bcos these are tasty Italian food with absolutely no cheese at all but you wont feel the difference. To start with I am starting with my drink recipe sunset vodka.

Sunset vodka Serves 2

Orange juice - 2 cups
Vodka - 1 cup
Grenadine rose syrup - 2 - 3 tbsp
Lemon juice - a dash (optional)
Simple sugar syrup - Sugar 3 tbsp + 3 tsp of water 
Ice cubes
Lemon slice for garnish

Put a small pan on heat add the sugar and water and stir until dissolved.Cool it and keep it aside.
Add orange juice and vodka and stir.
In a cocktail glass fill with ice cubes and add the orange juice mixture.
Add one table spoon of grenadine ( DO NOT STIR). the grenadine will go down and it will have a beautiful visual appeal.

You can increase the vodka by another 1/4 cup if you want a strong drink or 
If you want a mild refreshing drink decrease the vodka by 1/4 cup.
If you want more sweetness increase the sugar in the sugar syrup by 1 tbsp and make it 4 tbsp.

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