about me

Hi, I am Pav K short for Pavithra Kandaswamy and welcome to my food journal. Here I am going to do what  i like most - exploring and writing about food and sharing it.

You will mostly find recipes from my kitchen, some recipes from my Indian roots and some favorite remakes. I love putting my own spin on certain country favorites and I cook by the rule " Cook with what you have got in the fridge". Mostly like everybody's home I do not have fancy ingredients in my pantry but just regular ingredients and try my best to substitute those fancy big name ingredients with what I have but staying true to the flavor.Other recipes include semi-homemade recipes.

I consider "The Fat Lady" as by alter ego, to be precise its my cooking alter ego.When I think about food I personify myself as somebody who has a huge appetite for eating food and also learning about food. Hence,the name Fat Lady.

Hope you have as much fun cooking my recipes like me!


  1. Pics posted on the blog posts are awesome. Looks very professional.. Good Luck

  2. all the best..... go ahead with al the items....

  3. Wowwwwww!!!!!!!!!! Finally time came to start a blog !!! You have played with colours! Its delighting for the eyes !!! Go ahead and explore your photographic skills too !! All the best :)