Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grape fruit and Honey dew melon salad

I am so not a fruit person, but lately I have been trying to switch to a healthy diet.Whenever my mother made fruit salads at home, I used to load it with condensed milk, which, by the way does not serve its purpose.

When I am on a weight loss plan I always consume more muskmelon / cantaloupe. But me, being myself, add a little sugar to the fruit. I have never eaten a grape fruit when i was in India, so when i tried it i was not the biggest fan of it,cos of the bitter note.But i read grape fruits are very good for weight loss, i decided to add them to my diet. Since they have bitter note, I decide to add honey dew melon, fennel and some nuts with balsamic vinaigrette.It might sound weird but the combination is great.I have never had a fruit salad willingly in my life. But i have always loved savory salads. I will gobble up anything with balsamic vinaigrette in it. So I made this salad with that.


This again is one of my Semi-Home made recipe. It is so easy that all we have to do is buy the ingredients and make the salad.Probably already have all the ingredients at home ! Typical me! Being a non fruit eater I, always feel I should add more fruit, so I buy a whole lot of fruit and they end up most of the time in the trash.The truth is, seeing the fruit in the kitchen makes me feel healthy, as if I was eating healthy food :). I decided I will never waste any fruit and so this time I purchased the pre-cut honey dew melon,which by the way costs you less than the whole melon itself, when they are on sale.You can substitute the honey dew melon with muskmelon / cantaloupe.

Grape fruit and Honey dew melon salad Serves 4

Grape fruit peeled and deseeded - 2 
Honey dew melon pre chopped store bought- 4 cups
Pecans - 1/4 cup
Fennel sliced thinly - 1/2 cup
Balsamic vinaigrette dressing - 1 tspn (optional)

Add all the ingredients and toss lightly,so the grape fruit is not mushed.
Pour the vinaigrette on top and serve

Muskmelon / cantaloupe can be substituted for honey dew melon

Enjoy.. eat healthy !

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