Monday, February 18, 2013

10 minute Coconut milk pudding - No eggs

I  bought a packaged coconut milk carton wanting for a and I found it was vanilla flavored only after reaching home. So I decided to do pudding out of it and I stumbled on this Puerto Rican recipe. This takes 10 minutes of our time and we have a sweet sweet dessert. I put a little cardamom into it for that Indian flavor  I set the custard in individual cups so I added some raspberries in some of the cups for the vibrant color and little tartness. You can blue berries,peaches and any other fruit.But its delicious just like that.

Name: So delicious dairy free vanilla coconut milk
Availability: Meijer
Price: 2.50$
Recommended: yes

Serving the pudding:
You can serve the pudding set in individual cups (or) set in individual cups and flip the pudding out for a restaurant presentation (or) set up in put container then serve it using spoon like we serve ice cream.
I am setting it up in individual cups and flipping it out and serving on a plate.

10 minute egg less Coconut milk pudding: Serves 7

Vanilla flavored coconut milk,Store bought  - 4 cups (or) coconut milk + 1 tbsp of vanilla essence
Sugar - 1/2 cup or according to taste.
Cornflour -  1/2 cup
Cardamom pod seeds - 1
Salt - a pinch
Cup or any other serving container.
Non stick spray or butter for coating the serving cup.

Put the serving cup in the freezer.
Mix the cornflour in 1/4 cup of coconut milk, mix until it dissolves.
Add the remaining coconut milk, sugar,salt and put the pan on medium heat, stir so that the salt and sugar dissolves.
Add cardamom seeds.Keep stirring, let the mixture cook and starts to bubble.
Cook for five more minutes,stirring constantly.
The mixture will start to thicken,switch of heat.
If the mixture is too thick, add a little more coconut milk about 4 tbsp and cook in low heat and keep stirring, or if it still appears watery add little more cornflour dissolved in 2 tbsp of water.
Switch of heat.
Take the serving cup from the freezer, spray with the non stick / baking spray
Put the cups in the fridge for 1 hr or in the freezer for 30 minutes.

If the mixture appears to thick you can add little more cornflour dissolved in 2 tbsp of water.
DO NOT ADD CORNFLOUR DIRECTLY.Mix with water and them add them
Add the cornflour slowly and keep stirring at the same time.
The cornflour helps the pudding to set.If you add more cornflour the pudding might turn thick and solid.

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