Thursday, June 6, 2013

10 minute donuts

Back online after a really long time.. Neglected my blog but kept cooking and I wish I shared all those with u .. Have been having some amazing homemade dishes these 2 months. Lots have happened in the 2 months went on a vacation, had a ball with my friends, moved to a new place, set up the new place and now back to my lovely food journal.. Plus now I am a 'lunch box-ing' wife so I have to constantly come up with healthy yet box-able recipes everyday and I am loving it. Actually I have become a healthy nut too now a days cos that's the only way to go in this fast foody cheesy gooey world. The truth I have gained quiet a few pounds in the last one year and I felt that is not doing me any good.Plus lots on my mind , thinking about giving this blog a new look ..hmm..

But today I am starting with a sweet indulgence. A sweet treat for those who love donuts. If you love donuts you will go crazy for these cos you do not have to drive or wait for the red 'HOT' sign to go up on krispy creme. It is a easy version of donuts no dough no, no kneading just some sweet indulgence for you and your family and its the perfect light desert to end a part or a get together.
All you need is a regular store bought biscuit dough and some fine granulated or confectionery sugar and some oil for frying.

I love donuts I used to eat them in boxes literally from Krispy kreme, its like you have taken a piece out of heaven so soft and perfectly sweet. I started to cut out those donuts slowly but I still had those sweet cravings at times and this was the perfect substitute for that store bought donuts. I have made these for my friends and they loved them. They take 10 minutes from fridge to the table and is a definite crowd pleaser. And I am sorry for my Indian friends cos I think you do not get the biscuit dough in India :( may be u get crescent dough I am not sure..

You can buy any store bought biscuit / crescent dough irrespective of the brand, and the result will be the same. Be careful when you get mini biscuit dough's, it takes only 30 seconds to cook. I am using Pillsbury crescent dough here. You can find the dough in near the butter / juice isle in most of the grocery stores.

10 Minute Donuts

Store bought biscuit / crescent dough
Fine granulated sugar / confectionery sugar - 1/2 cup
Oil for deep fry

Heat oil in deep bottomed pan
Open the biscuit can as per instructions and separate the dough.
Take a single piece of dough and poke it in the middle with your finger to make a hole ,like a donuts. (refer the pic)
Repeat the same for all the remaining dough.
Deep fry for 40 seconds on each side or golden brown for mini biscuits dough cook for 15 seconds each side.
Take out and sprinkle with 1 tbspn of sugar on both sides. 
Serve immediately.

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