Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Avoid wastage and give a longer fridge life for your greens and fruits

Find your greens gone bad after a week in the refrigerator? the same case for your strawberries and coriander / parsley? I faced the same thing, when I had to buy greens and when you buy in places Costo or Bj's or any other wholesale you tend to get it in huge quantities, it may work well for large families or family with kids.For just the two of us I always stored the remaining in the fridge and found it gone bad after 4 or 5 days. Here is a simple tip to increase the life time in double for all your greens and also your strawberries. Many of my friends have told me strawberries go waste in just 3 days when I buy it and I don know what to do. I tell them all the same tip. All you need is just a few kitchen towels / paper towels and you are good to go.
I have just added some pictures of how to store then remaining and make its fridge life longer. I am doing it with arugula and it goes good with spinach,kale,coriander,parsley,strawberry actually anything that hates moisture. All these fruits and veggies hate moisture. When we let them sit in the fridge you might have noticed moisture on top of the lid, this causes them to go bad so we need to keep the moisture out by adding layers of paper towel.So this helps in absorbing all the moisture build up and helps all your greens and herbs stay much longer actually double the fridge life than usual.If the quantity is more  give 2 or 3 layers and you are good to go. It might take a few minutes but its a useful use of the few minutes and reduce wastage and save a lot.
The below pictures explains the process.

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  1. This is a much needed tip for me 😊. Thanks a lot I am gonna try this one. Keep blogging. 👍