Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vindaloo Simmer sauce by Archer farms

I tried Vindaloo sauce by Archer farms and it was yummmyyy.. It is the masala blend and all you have to add is meat or potato. I tried it with chicken.Vindaloo is a famous east Indian recipe and is vinegar based sauce, so it is tangy.Hence, I added green chili to make it spicy plus some onion and tomato for some texture and extra flavor  It was so good with roti. I loved it and my husband loved it.This is a perfect curry for those who feels that Indian food is complex and are intimidated by spices.
It is perfect for a lazy day curry where you don't have to do all the work yourself. The taste feels so homemade and it is worth the money. 

The recipe Follows...

Name:Vindaloo simmer sauce by archer farms
Availability: Target
Cost: about 5$
Weight: 13.2oz
Recommendation: Yes

Chicken vindaloo Curry  Serves 4 - 5

Vindaloo simmer sauce - 1
Chicken, boneless, cut into bite size pieces - 1 to 11/4 cup
Onion, sliced - 1 big
Tomato, chopped - 1/2 medium
Green chilly, slit length wise - 5 or less according to your taste
Water - 2 to 3 cups
Oil - 2 tbsp
Salt to taste

Put pan on heat, add oil and onion and green chili.
Let the onion cook and caramelize  this may take about 3-5 minutes.Add tomato close the lid and cook for 3 minutes. Smash the tomato with the spoon.
Add the simmer sauce to the onion mixture and let it cook for another 5-7 minutes.
Add the cleaned and cubed chicken and toss it around for 2 minutes.
Add 2 cups water( if you want you can pour water into the sauce bottle and pour the water to the pan, as the water will bring any remaining sauce stuck to the bottle.)
You can add the other cup of water depending on what consistency you want the curry to be.
Taste and add salt accordingly.
Close the pan with the lid and let it cook for 15 - 20 minutes.
Serve hot with roti / rice


  1. Maybe they changed their recipe, but the last time I bought of this it was unbelievably hot - comparably to wing sauce straight out the bottle. Mixed with over two quarts of other ingredients, it was still too hot for my kids to eat, even drowning it in lots of yogurt. (note the bottle I had clearly says jalapenos on the label, but they come after "spices" in the ingredient list, and I eat pickled jalapenos out of the jar - and they are no hotter than this actual sauce was out of the jar.

  2. I checked my jar against the picture above, and apparently they made a "HOT" version as well which is what I bought. So it was a different product than the one you reviewed.